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I like to write, read, take photos, draw, watch TV, go on adventures, travel, lie in bed all day, eat new things, laugh with my friends, love my boyfriend, visit my family, play on my PS4, drive, make cocktails, buy things, get excited over little things and get tattoos.


Let’s start off with the a little info. 

I started this blog a while back, but I kind of just let it go and never actually got around to posting anything, there were a few drafts but they never went anywhere – but they’re gone and I’m starting fresh.

I work in Social Media and just need to let everyone who reads my posts know that all opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of my employer.

My guest writers are their own selves, any of their opinions are there own, their privacy is their own, and is to be respected.

Chances are I’m not going to post the names of my of my friends, family, my boyfriend or the company that I work for – this is just to protect their privacy. If you happen to find out who I am then that’s fine, I’m not in hiding.

All photos used as featured images on posts are my own, unless stated otherwise.
Any gifs used at the bottom of posts are property of those who made them.

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