Time For A Little Irony

As a self professed creator I’ve had to build myself from the ground up. I’ve had to take advantage of the digital age we live in now, and part of that is using any social media platform that is available to me… and it works; I’ve seen the proof on my website statistics and my Instagram promotion insights.

It’s a wonderful world we live in, where I can click a few buttons and you can see what I’ve made. Where I can tell you what I’ve been up to, where I can take a photograph that I’m really proud of and I can share it with whomever wants to see it.

But lately my private personal Facebook account has been pretty neglected. At the end of last year, I decided to delete the Facebook app off my phone and I feel so much better for it. I haven’t deleted my account, or disabled it but the app is gone and for me that’s enough for now.

I used to find myself scrolling endlessly, looking at the same things day in day out, getting more and more frustrated by fake news, intrusive ads and increasingly jealous of everything my friends were accomplishing. I started going to pages and unliking them, and purging my ‘friends’ lists of people who weren’t even my friends to begin with.

Then it occurred to me, what is the point?

Now, I know it sounds corny but I feel free. I don’t feel tied down to the same old routine, I don’t spend hours scrolling for no reason. Now when I wake up I check my stats, I check my YouTube views and I check my work emails to give myself a little heads up of what I’ll be going in to that day.

I know some people may read this and think I’m a liar, but it’s the truth. Yes, I do still visit Facebook occasionally on my laptop, I’ll go through my notifications, or log on to promote some work, but then just like that I’m gone again… and it feels good.

Give it a try some time, you might just find it’s exactly what you need.

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