New Content

When I started this website originally it was called ‘Adventures and Anxiety’, I started it because I enjoyed writing about my experiences and my interests and having a blog/website was the perfect way to share that with anyone who wanted to read it all. In the end I neglected it, I didn’t post much and I ended up having a number of posts building up in the drafts that I never ended up finishing many of them.

At one point it started to look like this one was going to go through the same fate, but thankfully it didn’t. I payed for the domain, and started to re-brand. Now that I’m fully up and running now I wan’t to be able to start bringing a broader range of content. This includes my own personal research.

It will be a mix of things that I’m interest in and a few sort of sneak peaks at some upcoming projects that I’m working on. The subjects matters are going to vary, but I’m going to keep them as organised as I can in the categories and tags so it’s all easy to find.

Off the top of my head and taking into account the thing I remember being saved in the old drafts, some of the coming things are:
– Conspiracy Theories
– Cultures and Traditions
– Paranormal and Mythical Creatures
– Serial Killers

While this all gets up an running I’m still going to be writing about my photography, personal experiences and everything in between.

Keep an eye out, special things are coming!

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