The Crown Spa Hotel – Scarborough, UK

Welcome to the newest segment, reviewing my experiences at hotels, and more importantly hotels that have spa facilities. Admittedly this is what I look for when searching for somewhere to stay… even if it’s just for one night or a weekend. It certainly raises the bar and thankfully my best friend and partner both enjoy the facilities as much as I do, so even if it’s time for a romantic getaway or a girls weekend I (almost) always get to reap the benefits of a luxury stay.

The first one on the list is The Crown Spa Hotel, in Scarborough, UK. I’ve stayed at this hotel many times with my partner with the duration ranging from 2 nights to a full week, and it’s now one of our favourite places to stay. The entrance is grand and gives a wonderful first impression.

The main lobby is the picture of luxury, with stone columns reaching up to the high ceilings. The front desk, the staff and the seating area are welcoming and well presented. Just along from the seating area is the Taste Restaurant, but I’ll get to that later.

There are a selection of rooms on offer, all with varying prices. From the basic ‘Comfort King’ to the ‘Deluxe Mini Suite with Sea View’. During my stays I’ve spent time in the ‘Comfort King’, ‘Superior King’ and the ‘Executive King’ rooms.

The rooms all come equipped with the basic necessities: complimentary toiletries, iron and board, hair dryer, towels, tea/coffee facilities, TV and ambient lighting. There’s also en-suite bathrooms with a rainfall shower head. When upgrading to the Superior King there is the addition of a larger room and use of in house robes and slippers. Upgrade once more to the Executive King and there’s all of the above with the addition of small fridge and a TV in the bathroom.

Now, on to what’s most important… the spa. Let’s just be clear on something – yes, I am writing this while comfortably relaxing in the 20ft hot tub.

When entering the spa you do get a towel and I’d strongly recommend taking advantage of the room robes and slippers here too. The facilities on offer are: 40ft pool, 20ft Hot Tub, two different saunas, a Turkish steam room, foot spas and an ice room. Each one offers it’s own health and wellness benefits, and the relaxation is unending. I could spend all day everyday there, but eventually I’d just turn into one big human prune.

While you can see some general wear and tear around the facilities that certainly doesn’t steer me away from it, and it shouldn’t with you either.
There is only one thing I’d change about it all and that’s the temperature of the hot tub, it’s lukewarm at best, and the heat is best felt when coming just coming out of the ice room.

Take a look at the below photo’s and let me know what you think.


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